The PickleBandit's Barrel

The PickleBandit's Barrel

Video Gaming on a Personal Level

About This Site

Me as a baby

This was taken in Germany, I was an Army brat!

First conceived in 1996 on Geocities (before they died with Yahoo!), the PickleBandit’s Barrel has evolved and changed on the whims of its creator.

The page started as a way to publish original top 10 humor lists. After all these years (for some reason, no one ever snatched up the domain) is now up and going!

I’ve a B.A. in Teledramatic Arts & Technology from CSU Monterey Bay and I’ve an M.A. in Theater Arts from San José State University. I teach Computer Skills and ESL at a local Adult School.  I’ve also written for an Otome (Visual Novel Game) by Voltage Entertainment Inc.

As this site grows, it will be a platform for my course curriculum. I still attempt to write about my personal connections to Digital Gaming.

I now live on the Central Coast of California.



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